Swisse Best Off Ground

The opening shot of the Swisse ‘Best Off Ground’ campaign video presented a challenge.

The agency came to us with the idea that the talent, AFL Footballer Patrick Dangerfield, would be speaking to camera, we push towards Patrick and then, at the last moment, we reveal a groundskeeper standing behind him.

To achieve this camera move, the camera was put on a dolly and jib.

The shot starts as a dolly push-in, the camera jibs up over Patrick’s shoulder to quickly reveal the ‘best off ground’ groundskeeper.

To get into a medium close-up of the groundskeeper quickly, we used the Canon 30-105 2.8 zoom lens so we could zoom in mid-shot, just enough without actually noticing the zoom, while physically pushing the camera in with the dolly.

Read about the spot on Campaign Brief here




Gen C

Director: Jack White
Executive Producer:
Nic Cox
Associate Producer:
Hayden Sommerville
DOP / Cinematographer:
Ryan Blair
Camera Assisatnt:
Michael Gorden Hill
Dan Carr
Grip: Peter Stockley

Camera: RED Dragon
Lens: Canon 30-105 2.8