Remote Video Production Melbourne

I now have a selection of remote video production packages available.

I’ve put these together in response to increasing demand from interstate and international production companies and agencies for remote video production services here in Melbourne.

• Live camera and audio stream for remote monitoring.

• Multi-camera monitoring.

• ‘Set-view’ camera – see a live behind the scenes view of the set as crew are working.

• ‘Virtual director’ – talent/interviewee can see the directors face on a monitor (off-camera eye-line) or on our autocue unit (on-camera eye-line) and communicate via the live link.

• In-ear comms for local producer/DOP to communicate with remote-director.

• Dedicated remote production technician to facilitate remote link and communications between set and remote-director.

• Video stream delivered via Zoom (or BYO video conferencing software).

With the current COVID-19 travel restrictions it has become increasingly difficult for crews to travel to Melbourne to shoot.

I can provide any crew required through my local crew network here in Melbourne and manage all aspects of remote production.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and for a copy of my rate card.

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