RED Dragon Digital Cinema Camera


I own and operate a RED Dragon 6K digital cinema camera along with comprehensive lens, lighting and sound kit.

The RED Dragon 6K digital cinema camera offers exceptional dynamic range, acquisition at up to 6K resolution, high frame rates and the flexibility of RAW image capture.

Impressive features in a compact package, the RED Dragon can be configured to suit a variety of projects from fast moving documentary to high-end brand films and commercials.

Ultra HD 6K Acquisition – high resolution acquisition means more refined images, flexibility to crop in post production and ensures imagery is ready for 4K/UHD content delivery

Slow Motion – 300fps at 2K resolution, 100 fps at 6K resolution

Stills from Motion – every video frame is a 19 megapixel RAW image

High Dynamic Range – capture detail in the brightest and darkest areas of a scene

Raw Capture – ultimate flexibility in post production for colour grading and designing specific looks.

My RED Dragon camera package includes:

• RED Dragon Camera
• EF Mount (RED PL mount available on request)
• 5.0″ LCD Touch
• 2x 512GB RED Mini Mag
• DSMC Side Handle & Red Volt
• Top Plate, Top Handle and Bottom Plate, 15mm Rods•
• Wooden Camera A-Box Dual XLR Audio Interface
• 4x 130Wh V-Mount Batteries, 2x 95Wh V-Mount Batteries

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