SBS and The Conversation Video Series

I am excited to announce a new video series I am producing for SBS World News and The Conversation.

The series offers ideas and insights from the the sharpest academic minds from a range of fields across a diverse selection of issues.

In the first episode ‘Hands on the Wall‘, Janine Burke explains research by archaeologist Dean Snow suggesting that, contrary to popular belief, the first artists may have been women.

Watch the first episode –

EP1: Were the first artists actually woman?

Stay tuned for the next instalment in the coming weeks!

Update 5/9/14 – check out the other episodes –

Solving the World’s Toilet Shortage


How Are Tattoos Removed?

Coworking: The Benifets of Collaborative Workspaces

Why Older Adults Love Online Dating

Are Raw Foods Good For You?

How The Weather Affects Our Mood

What are Stars?

HIT – The Benefits of High-Intensity Workouts

Adhedonics: Why Some People Don’t Like Music

The Future of Wearable Technologies

Smartphones and Metadata: A Question of Privacy


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